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Baby Lock Sergers & Coverstitch Machines
Baby Lock Sergers arguably provide the highest cutomer satisfaction in our store. Why? Expectation vs Reality.

Traditional sergers are notoriously difficult to use on all fronts, from threading the machine to the actual sewing itself. In order to thread a traditional serger, you have to hit a multitude of different thread guides in a specific order, and some of them are very difficult to reach. If you break thread, or you want to change thread color, the threading process can be so frustrating that people are dissuaded from using the machine altogether.

But Baby Lock Sergers are not traditional sergers. If you were expecting a nightmare threading process, the Baby Lock will blow you away-- literally. They are designed with an AirJet threading system, which threads the upper and lower loopers with a gust of air instead of threading by hand. That means no more thread guides, no threading in a specific order, no more stress when you want to change colors. Some of the higher end Baby Locks (Acclaim, Triumph) even thread the needles with air, too.


Another notorious problem with traditional sergers is tension. Because sergers used 3-4 threads to make a stitch instead of 2 threads like your sewing machine, balancing the tension isn't so simple. On a sewing machine you either increase or decrease you upper tension setting. But which one of your 4 tension discs to you adjust with your serger? Is the unbalanced stitch quality due to poor needle tension or looper tension? Left needle or right needle? Upper looper or lower looper? Do they need to be tightened or loosened? Even if you have your tension properly calibrated, switching to a heavier weight or different colored thread can throw it out of whack. Getting it calibrated properly requires lots of testing, lots of trial and error adjusting.

But like I said before: Baby Lock Sergers are not traditional sergers. They are designed with Automatic Thread Delivery (ATDD, which in my opinion is the greatest home sewing machine invention of the past 30 years. Instead of traditional tension discs, ATD delivers the required length of thread to form a balanced stitch. This is achieved by an internal mechanism of the machine-- sliding metal plates that determine the length of the thread delivered into the stitch. Machines with ATD work in a manner that is binary-- thread is either being delivered, or it is not being delivered. There is no tension. Therefore there is no tension adjustment-- no tinkering, no repeated trial and error. And, on top of all that, ADT is an extremely reliable mechanical feature (as seen in the picture below). It is very, very rare to ever see problems with them, meaning your machine produces a perfect stitch every time.

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