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BabyLock Sewing Machines

BabyLock Ellisimo Gold 2 Machine BLSOG2

BabyLock Ellisimo Gold 2 Machine BLSOG2

Take a creative journey into luxury with the Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold II embroidery and sewing machine. This is the Baby Lock machine with the most features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™. That means you get quick auto-adjustments for hassle-free embroidery. More Here
BabyLock Unity Machine (BLTY)

BabyLock Unity Machine BLTY

Your sewing and embroidery journeys become one with the Baby Lock Unity. A sizeable, 7″ x 12″ embroidery hoop opens the door to larger embroidery designs. Plus, numerous innovative features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™ further enhance your creative journey. Precision-dedicated, IQ powered features, such as the Digital Dual-Feed System and the Sensor Pen make sewing and embroidery easier. Effortlessly blend your love of sewing and embroidery with the Baby Lock Unity.  More Here
BabyLock Journey Machine (BLJY)

BabyLock Journey Machine BLJY

Begin your next embroidery voyage with the Baby Lock Journey. Explore unknown territory with 262 embroidery designs. Embroider them all, big and small with embroidery hoops as large as 7″ x 12″. Then customize to your liking. It’s just one of the benefits of smart Baby Lock IQ Technology. The Baby Lock Journey has numerous on-screen editing options. When it comes time to sew, you’ll love the built-in decorative sewing stitch options. For sewing or embroidery, the Journey is a great choice for your next creative adventure. More Here
BabyLock Ellegante 3 Sewing & Embroidery Machine (BLG3)

BabyLock Ellegante 3 Sewing & Embroidery Machine BLG3

Chic, stylish, and extremely helpful the Ellegante 3 makes embroidery easy. The Ellegante 3 includes multiple designs and fonts including exclusive Nancy Zieman designs and with the LCD color display your designs will pop before you ever finish a stitch. Plus, with the on screen editing feature, you can explore your creative side by putting a unique spin on old designs. More Here
BabyLock Ellageo Plus Sewing & Embroidery Machine (BLL2)

BabyLock Ellageo Plus Sewing & Embroidery Machine BLL2

No matter where your imagination takes you, the Ellageo Plus delivers. The Automatic Fabric Sensor System adjusts the presser foot pressure for fabric thickness as you use any of the 358 stitches. And when embroidering, you get the convenience of editing designs on your machine and transfering them back into your computer through a USB thumb drive. More Here
BabyLock Esante Sewing & Embroidery Machine (BLN)

BabyLock Esante Sewing & Embroidery Machine BLN

Take your embroidery to the next level with the Esante. This advanced sewing and embroidery machine includes a built-in design library, an LCD touch screen and a wide array of embroidery editing capabilities – plus a large embroidery field and speeds up to 800 stitches per minute. More Here
BabyLock Ellure Plus Sewing & Embroidery Machine (BLR3)

BabyLock Ellure Plus Sewing & Embroidery Machine BLR3

The Ellure Plus includes a suite of features for embroiderers and avid sewers. The USB (Type A) port and 5″ X 7″ embroidery field will make your embroidery projects a breeze. And with a variety of decorative stitches and hands-free presser foot lift, the Ellure Plus will make sewing more convenient. More Here
BabyLock Ellure Sewing & Embroidery Machine (BLR)

BabyLock Ellure Sewing & Embroidery Machine BLR

The Ellure offers solid features for both beginning embroiderers and avid sewers. With a 5″ X 7″ embroidery field and a wide variety of built-in stitches and designs, your projects will be simple to create while giving you elegant results. More Here
BabyLock Crescendo Machine (BLCR)

BabyLock Crescendo Machine BLCR

The Crescendo deluxe sewing and quilting machine is sure to make your next composition a masterpiece. Innovative features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™ add to a luxurious sewing and quilting experience. More Here
BabyLock Aria Machine (BLAR)

BabyLock Aria Machine BLAR

When it comes time to set the stage for quilting success, use the Baby Lock Aria quilting machine. The Baby Lock Aria is packed with features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™. That means you’ll enjoy quick auto-adjustments and a hassle-free sewing experience. More Here
BabyLock Symphony Sewing Machine (BLSY)

BabyLock Symphony Sewing Machine BLSY

The Symphony has all of your favorite Baby Lock features combined in one masterpiece of a machine, allowing you to perfectly blend time-treasured techniques with modern day conveniences. The Advanced Pivoting Feature and 1⁄4″ foot give you so much accuracy in your patterns, you’ll sing its praises. And with 460 stitches to choose from, 17 feet, and a speed of 1,000 spm, you can hit all the right notes. With so many amazing features coming together in one machine, the Symphony lets you quilt with a full range of creativity. More Here
BabyLock Melody Sewing Machine (BLMY)

BabyLock Melody Sewing Machine BLMY

When first experiencing the ease and convenience of the Melody, you’ll know this machine was just made for you. The Melody has the features you’ve been looking for to quilt with confidence and to let your creativity grow, like a precise 1/4″ stitch, easy threading and a wide quilting table. More Here
BabyLock Elizabeth Machine (BL200A)

BabyLock Elizabeth Machine BL200A

Elizabeth is multi-talented and great at everything she does, and she’s ready to share all her secrets with you. With 178 stitches, automatic needle threader and drop in bobbin, this feature-packed machine sure has a lot to say! Elizabeth can help you make a statement with every project, from home décor to accessories and garments. But don’t be intimidated – with push button features, knee lift and extension table, count on Elizabeth to help make any project easy and successful. More Here
BabyLock Tempo Machine (BLTP)

BabyLock Tempo Machine BLTP

If you love the creativity that comes with quilting, the Tempo is the machine for you. There are no limits to your fabrics or stitches, so you can always have fun. And when you’re ready to try new techniques, the Tempo will keep up. More Here
BabyLock Sashiko 2 Machine (BLQK2)

BabyLock Sashiko 2 Machine BLQK2

Create the look of traditional, hand-work stitching passed down through generations on the Sashiko Machine. Replicate this distinctive and celebrated stitch and add a hand-stitched touch to any project with a machine that is truly the first of its kind. More Here
BabyLock Embellisher / Felting Machine (EMB12-2)

BabyLock Embellisher / Felting Machine EMB12-2

If you’re looking for a technique to make your projects stand out in a crowd, then the Embellisher is the machine for you. Sewers, quilters, crafters and embroidery lovers all appreciate the extra touch that this machine can bring to any project. The Embellisher uses the unique art of European needle felting to create incredible detail and texture using absolutely no thread! You can even remove any of the needles or use all 12 for free-motion embellishments of any size. Introducing the Embellisher – Now with 12 Needles More Here
BabyLock Sofia 2 Sewing & Embroidery Machine (BL137A2)

BabyLock Sofia 2 Sewing & Embroidery Machine BL137A2

Trend-setting Sofia 2 is full of ideas – the perfect friend for all of your embroidery and sewing projects. Compact in size, she always has something to share, like 70 built-in embroidery designs and 168 stitches. With a 4″ X 4″ embroidery field, convenient LCD Touch Screen and a USB slot for transferring designs through your thumb-drive, you can create all of your ideas with Sofia. More Here
BabyLock Rachel Machine (BL50A)

BabyLock Rachel Machine BL50A

Ready to take your sewing to the next level? Rachel’s the star of any sewing class, and she’s here to help you. This computerized sewing machine is equipped with push-button features to make every project easier. And Rachel’s not only smart; she’s fun to work with, too! With numerous decorative stitches, you can also embellish all types of projects. More Here
BabyLock Amelia Machine (BL100A)

BabyLock Amelia Machine BL100A

If you’re on the go as much as you sew, then Amelia is the perfect sewing machine for you. At just 11.2 pounds, this lightweight sewing machine is easy to carry. Bring Amelia to classes, on road trips or to friends’ houses. More Here
BabyLock Audrey Machine (BL67)

BabyLock Audrey Machine BL67

No matter where you love to sew, Audrey is the free-spirited friend you’ll want by your side. At just 12.8 lbs., this lightweight machine can easily travel or attend classes with you. Audrey has packed plenty of features for the road, like 66 built-in stitches, push button features, a drop-in bobbin and plenty of accessories. Audrey even has a convenient travel bag – perfect for any sewer on the go. More Here
BabyLock Jane Machine (BL500A)

BabyLock Jane Machine BL500A

Sensible and straight-forward Jane is a straight stitch machine with a speed of 1,500 stitches per minute. She is entrepreneurial and business-minded to help you achieve your goals. And with the extension table and Precision Feed System, you can create to your project’s needs. Take a closer look at Jane and you’ll see she’s anything but plain. You can add variety to your garments, accessories, quilts and décor with adjustable stitch lengths and a variety of included and optional feet. More Here
BabyLock Jane Machine (BL510A)

BabyLock Jane Machine BL510A

Sensible and straight-forward Jane is a straight stitch machine with a speed of 1,500 stitches per minute. She is entrepreneurial and business-minded to help you achieve your goals. And with the extension table and Precision Feed System, you can create to your project’s needs. Jane is the hard-working friend you’ve been waiting for! Reliable and solid, Jane will be a good partner for anyone interested in sewing. Jane has mastered the straight stitch, making her especially helpful for garment sewing and quilting. She even comes with a bright LED light to help users see the details of their projects. More Here

BabyLock Molly Machine (BL30A)

BabyLock Molly Machine BL30A

Molly loves her DIY, individual style, and she always encourages you to add your own touch. This multi-purpose machine includes 25 built-in stitches, a drop-in bobbin and a 1-step buttonhole. With adjustable stitch widths, 6 included accessory feet and a needle threader, Molly can help you bring your ideas to life with your own unique spin. More Here

BabyLock Anna Machine (BL20A)

BabyLock Anna Machine BL20A

No matter what you’re sewing, Anna can keep up. With a drop-in bobbin and 15 built-in stitches, Anna is the supportive friend who’s always ready to boost your confidence and cheer you on. With several convenient features such as a 4-step buttonhole, free arm and side thread cutter, this machine is perfect match for beginning sewers. Turn to Anna for mending, hemming and even crafting projects. More Here

BabyLock BL9 Machine

BabyLock BL9 Machine

Reliable and durable, the BL9 has a variety of stitches and adjustable stitch lengths, plus a free arm to easily reach hard-to-sew-areas. More Here

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