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1661 Botelho Drive, Ste 180
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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Questions? 925-937-7575

Meet The Owners

     Brothers Dan and Marty Schoenberg’s story really starts with their dad, Ramon.  Ramon was a Design Engineer educated in Switzerland. Born and living in Argentina he ran a factory that built sewing machine components for Husqvarna AB of Sweden.  A day never went by without Ramon pointing out to his sons products that were well designed and quality built.  He often expressed his displeasure with cheap items that did not function properly and were not built to last.  His influence rubbed off and the boys followed in their dad’s footsteps.

    Marty has always been mechanically gifted (his favorite toy was his metal erector set).  He loved fixing his motorcycles and cars, and at the age of 18 he began his career repairing sewing machines for a store owner who was a friend of Ramon’s.  Marty started his own industrial repair business while also pursuing a career in firefighting.  Among Marty’s many customers were The North Face, Nordstrom, and Levi Straus. His younger brother Dan had just finished college, obtaining degrees in both Aeronautical Engineering and Business, when Marty asked Dan to join him in business and start a retail store.

     In 1987 the two brothers opened The Sewing Machine Shop with the goal of providing the sewing community with quality sewing machines and related products supported by world class customer service.  Their combined technical experience of over 55 years and approximately 40,000 sewing machines repaired and serviced has given The Sewing Machine Shop in Walnut Creek, CA a reputation as the leading sewing machine retailer and service center in the country.  As sewing machines get more complex with advanced electronics and systems, the two brothers stay current, attending factory trainings and updating their tools and diagnostic equipment.  Most importantly, they stay true to their upbringing and remember the lessons Ramon taught them.